Full game now released!

Sorry for the small delay. I did a thorough re-working of the dialogue and added a bunch of small things in the last few days before launch. 

Anyway, it's now out! As of now, only the Windows version has been released, but I'll be releasing a Mac and Linux version soon.

I've written a full guide for how to play the game. Initially the gameplay mechanics were meant to be a bit of a puzzle that the player had to discover on their own, but after a fair amount of testing I found that they were slightly too opaque and hard to understand for many players, and this actively got in the way of their enjoyment of the game.

I didn't want to rework the intro and build a proper tutorial, because there's no way of doing that in a natural, organic feeling way. This seems like the best compromise. It's like reading an old school instruction manual.

There's also helper mode which you can turn on at the start. It shows you the percentage change of each response succeeding. 

Hope you enjoy!


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