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You have been trapped in a time loop with your future self. They have committed a terrible crime in the near future, and the only way you can escape the loop is to convince them of the wrongness of their actions.

As you progress in your conversation with your future self, it becomes very apparent that something is amiss. Someone is lying to you. The question is: who? And why?

If you want to be free, make sure you figure out the truth.

Think carefully. Think strategically.

...and good luck.

Your Future Self is a 1-2 hour long story-driven experimental text adventure with unique conversational mechanics, time loop based gameplay, and an emotionally gripping time travel mystery set against the backdrop of a darkly realistic vision of our world ravaged by climate change.

The full soundtrack is available for free on bandcamp.

WARNING: This game contains flashing images. If you experience epileptic seizures or blackouts when exposed to certain light patterns or flashing lights then immediately discontinue use of this game and and consult your physician before resuming gameplay.

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
(145 total ratings)
AuthorContortionist Games
GenreAdventure, Interactive Fiction
TagsAtmospheric, Casual, Dark, Horror, Mystery, Retro, Sci-fi, Story Rich, Text based


Buy Now$2.99 USD or more

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Linux version crashes for me immediately after selecting a resolution.

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The game ran for me. Linux Mint on a 5800X CPU 5700XT GPU.  Unfortunately none of the menus are clickable (even the Volume and SFX sliders), Quit and Resume Menu.  So I have a feeling that even if you got past that first screen you'd experience the same issues as me.  I only played for a few minutes because I couldn't do anything though I did get some intro before I couldn't quit through the quit menu.


Okay, I just want some info on the ending, before I make my final judgement.
Are there multiple "real" endings? I got to one that had credits after, and I want to know if there are more.
These comments don't seem to have a spoiler cover, so I'll leave it at that for now.

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I ran into a bug that creates a fake “Change the outcome (Full Insight Required)” option and leaves it in the menu options.

The bug appeared only after going through the entire opening game, failing to convince my future self, continuing the game from the start, and making sure to never have full insight. If you have full insight then the option won’t appear. The option starts appearing at special choice opportunities like the people trying to contact you. If you restart the loop at any time it usually stops the option from appearing, but maybe not always.

Gaining full insight and clicking on the choice does nothing. I was pretty miffed since I thought this was how to progress the game and I had spent 3+ hours trying to both recreate it and have enough insight to click it.

Sorry I don’t have better specifics on how to get the glitch to appear.

It was hard for me to recreate

Such a damn good game, touches on interesting topics, interesting social dialogue and concepts. Gameplay is relatively fun too, a little confusing at times - it was even nice to play out the story knowing the likely ending. It have been nice to see other endings, and I think the future self is vague enough that it's easy to sympathize with them for nearly everyone.


this game rocks. I got the sympathize => sympathize => sympathize => sympathize ending because I'm an unruly anarchist boyee who doesn't like doing what he's told. from my perspective not having seen any of the other endings that's the "good end" but I'll probably replay it some time to check out the other ending(s). I also want to leave a full review for this when I have the excess time and energy because there's a lot to talk about. I leave y'all with some Clutch.

"peace keeping agents from several futures
they got a warrant out, some Judge's letter
what it is I'm going to do I haven't done
they've got their probabilities
but I've got something much better"


I almost closed the game immediately because it really oversells its own difficulty, I thought it would be a super difficult social game which I don't feel good at. In reality the gameplay is super shallow and you just choose the best odds on each dialogue option. Story was interesting despite this.

Amazing mechanics and writing! I got so caught up in the story that the twists I see other people in the comments saw coming, actually managed to hit me full force. Leading to an overall really satisfying, if tragic, experience.


This game was really really good, speaking as a normal person with 0 idea about how science works. Especially reading through some of the other comments, I don't think you /should've/ made it more "scientifically accurate". 

The story was really good, and I really enjoyed it.
To me, figuring out it was Alice happened only once I got to the point of speaking to her (before she made us literally say her name however). And I still was baffled that it's her, and I was really glad I was right.
I also, truly honestly, did not see the end coming. Once she said she spoke to the other factions, I'm in the belief that it /weren't/ the other factions contacting us. I just can't believe that they would resort to killing Alice and her team instead of something else.

I truly truly wish there were more after that, even if just a short sort of epilogoue.
Because if just shutting down the tech has bad consequences... Well, I'm assuming we're dead. That just shutting it off killed future AND past me. And with past me dead, obviously future me never existed. They never would've been able to do what they did. And who knows what our parents would've done, considering they originally made the refugee camps?

I'm left with a lot of questions and wondering about it! Which isn't bad, though I prefer to not be left with /as/ many questions haha

All in all, I really loved the game!! I would 100% recommend it to people!
It wasn't extremely long but very immersive, I couldn't take my mind off of it once. It wasn't super hard either, though the choices didn't really change the dialogue too much, as far as I could tell.
It would've been cooler if there had been more changes to the dialogue depending on what we picked to argue with!

I'm definitely going to watch out for more games in the future! With the current end of this game, I don't think there's much potential of a sequel, though perhaps if what I assume about what happens to us at the end is right, perhaps another game in the same universe could still happen.
Who knows! I'm excited either ways, no matter what future games may bring! 💜

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I loved the game and the scenario, i was captivated !! The music sets an oppressive ambiance, it was really well done ^^ I had a great time thanks !!!

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please add a "good ending", I really want an ending where you don't die


that experience is provided in 999/1000 video games, though. I think the creative eco-system in this medium needs stories where you have to choose between distinct but bad outcomes


ok, thanks for the response

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Honestly this was okay. I probably would have liked it more if I didn't see the twists coming in advance.  If the rogue element didn't use the word she early on I wouldn't have instantly known the scientist was alice and if her stats weren't high empathy high rationality i wouldn't have instantly known the rogue element were bad guys for certain; however, in literature any group that doesn't operate in transparency is usually at least a semi antagonistic force. Beyond that as someone who studies in a scientific field the experiment this girl had run was a terrible one in terms of efficacy. She should have rebooted it completely the moment our memories carried onward to study the effects (possibly even setting up another bubble with another version of us to study the onset of this memory resistance, Similarly a reboot should have been necessary when a rogue element interrupted it as all useable data would essentially need to be dumped. In terms of hiding she presumably heard us mention a rogue element multiple times which should have alerted her to the danger of her lab and even the rogue element themselves should have kept the machine going, as they literally face instant death through nonexistence if the camp incident doesn't happen and there is real chance that the I of the present is unlikely to make those decisions or even be unable to perform them. That isn't even getting into some of the arguments that i think would have made for a more interesting direction.

For instance she brings up not having many options, but even ignoring the regularly joked about time travel possibility of keeping hitler in art school. Things like the assassination of franc ferdinand  would have much farther reaching consequences and was carried out by a single person making a single decision. History for as much as we like to talk about it in this manner  is actually full of these moments for good and ill (it was a single person that spread the works of aristotle from islam to the west, the idea of nihilism that inspired the general core of facist ideology. Even anti climate change sentiments back when it was first coming out and people where trying to burry it could be changed by changing the mind of select core individuals.

In short I feel the like the person we played was kind of foolish to the point of never being capable of succeeding or crafting arguments that could actually accomplish anything. The fact that no matter how our conversational skills leveled up we where stuck as nothing more than a distraction and the whole thing feels more like a kinetic novel rather than a game because the player has basically no agency, to the point in which after the halfway point i found myself clicking through about a third of the dialogue without a need really read it in order to undestand what was going on merely picking the response that was the best choice in the bottom right rather than actually debating with future "me" or Alice.

P.S. given this game uses a back to the game screen mechanic it is hard to tell what is and isn't an option narratively. As such it said use escape exit the game and I noticed when it brought up the menu load was an option and unlike when I tried to load from the end of the first loop I could fail the final question. In the interest of changing the story I purposefully then failed that final question only to get throne back into the chapter where i subsequently closed the game. Not sure what that means for the ending, but if loading a new game with the memories is fair game then surely loading an old game with the memories is too fair game and the machine never got shut down.

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Well, it took me awhile to figure out how to get to chapter 4 and 5, but I beat the game.

It was an interesting narrative, even if the premise and initial beats were more interesting than the latter parts of the game.


The climate change scenario was rather dicey for everyone involved, and it was a powerful moment when the protagonist had a moment to sympathize with their future self for being stuck in a harrowing situation. I just wished that that dialogue option had a tangible result instead of forcing a file load.

That future self was stuck in a world with corrupt governments, violent refugees, a rogue scientist who trapped a broken person with their past self in a pointless, emotionally-scarring time loop for months in the name of 'research,' and a bunch of disillusioned rebels who decided that the only sensible option was to bail on the timeline entirely.

And in all that, despite the motivations and the consequences of their actions, future self really was the least horrible person in the story.

Despite everything, at least they genuinely tried to make a difference, even if it didn't matter at all in the end.


Let me just say WOW! The mechanics are great, the story is good, and I want a secret ending or update. That's the only bad part about the game. Please add a secret ending or make a sequel. Solid 9/10 Get the game.

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Solid 8/10

(chooses Empathy) Okay. So I just finished the game and I'm still having a hard time if I'm being honest, really becoming content with the ending. But at the same time I understand that there wasn't a direct intention to make it "clear and concise" in nature. With the theme of the game, I can wholeheartedly understand and appreciate the way things turned out.

(chooses Rational) I certainly enjoyed this game, and appreciate the themes used and the complexity of the nature of such topics. It left me almost feeling as if there had to be more I was missing....maybe more questions to be asked? All in all, I can appreciate that as the developer, you weren't afraid to stray from the socio-normative approach of endings. You told a tale that was not only realistic, but both gripping and free-flowing. I think we need more games like this.


(chooses Assertive) So here's what my impression is: I loved what everything was becoming as I witnessed the turbulence  and then it feels like the rug was pulled from under me. I had to google search and make sure that I had actually gotten the final ending. If I'm being honest, the only real gripe I could give is that we weren't truly given a conclusion. It feels like watching a show that had an absolutely outstanding first season that left you waiting for Season 2, but then the show got cancelled by Netflix. I love the game, and I absolutely appreciate how the nature of the story was handled. I just wish I was able to walk away from this feeling more solid about the events that happened, rather than experiencing what felt like peering into the conflicts of a seemingly realistic timeline and witnessing troubles that in the end still felt like we as the player weren't properly connected to. The way you carry through the game never knowing who to trust, only for the very end to be so absolutely sudden felt lacking. I don't want to criticize the directive approach of "no happy endings" but in that circumstance the audience needs some clarity to go home with. And to be honest, even after writing this review and contemplating the experience: I'm still feeling unsure and unfulfilled. 

ma̵y̴be ̢the ̢rea̢l en̨ding͡ wàs ͞t̢h̵e̸ ͏fr̨iend͡s we̕ ͢l̶os̢t a͘lon҉g ̕th̶e w͞ay

I really liked this game, it took me some time to understand how my decisions affected the outcome, but the story is interesting enough to keep going and discover the truth, particullarly after "they" kicked me out. I enjoyed it a lot more with the music off because sometimes it didn't go well with the seriousness of the game. I played for about 2 hours and ended with a headache because of the bright flashing colors, I understand that they are there to represent the different characters, but after some time it gets annoying and interferes with the game experience. 

Incredible game, first started playing it last year when I was on mystery game kick and I absolutely came to adore the story behind this one. The story line was realistic and almost all of the characters displayed in it gained my sympathy - though that only came after the story progressed more and more.

So I just started playing this game and I think it's incredible so far, but i've gotten kind of stuck and I'm not entirely sure how to keep playing. [spoilers ahead] so i've gotten to the point of the game where my future self is feels defeated and begs for the time loop to end, and then the entity in control of the time loop tells me well done, but then I get a glitching message to keep going. I figured I would be able to continue the game by using the load game feature, but it just returns me to the last save point, which is right before the "deliver the final blow" option. I've tried loading the game this way several times to see if I could get another outcome and I even clicked on the "STOP" message right before the loop ends but nothing changes. I also tried clicking on "play" to start a new game thinking that maybe that would be the way forward, but it just said that it'd overwrite my saved game and obvs I don't want that to happen. So... how do I keep playing? This is probably a really silly question with an obvious answer but I don't play games that often so i'm at a loss. I don't want to completely spoil the whole game but a simple hint would be hugely appreciated. Thanks!

It sounds like you came across a possible bug. Were you able to figure it out?


I was stuck at that point too. Click on play instead of load and after a few lines of dialogue, things start to change

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I got to that point in the game, but it looks like the 'play' option took me back to the very beginning of the game.

Edit: I did some looking around and figured how to get to chapter 4 and 5.


This was FANTASTIC! The whole thing had me enraptured as my poor fiance listened to me yell. Keep up this amazing work !!

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Well, I didn´t expect this at all. Clever writing, nice mechanics and a few twists that made me want to know more about what was going on. 

The only downside I found maybe was the flashing lights and the bright colors. There was moments I couldn´t read anything without feeling a bit dizzy (maybe it was just me)

If you like time-loops and intrigue stories give it a chance. Is a shame the experience is a bit short, but what an experience!

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What a game! I love time loops, and non-jump scare based horror. This managed to fill my with dread, and when I found out the identity of the person putting me through  my paces me I gasped.  I like this take on the trope a lot, and the music is excellent in my opinion. If you like text based horror or time loops, I would give this a try. Good job!!


Honestly one of the best games I've played in a while. The story was super interesting and the sound design was incredible. Thank you! 


Loved it! Really clever use of time travel and I adored the story twists - definitely a game that's going to stick with me for a long time.


This was incredible! Very immersive and unique. I'd love to see an expanded version, with more of the worldbuilding and multiple endings. Excited to see what future projects you have in store!

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Got this first in the Racial Justice Bundle but only discovered this title while browsing the Palestine Bundle, and I’m so glad I decided to play this. 

What an experience. My mind is still fucked from all the jumping between timeloops but it was worth it. I’ll probably replay this sometime in the future as I feel like I didn’t manage to quite catch everything, though it did make me rethink my entire existence and I’m no longer capable of trusting anyone so good job? 

Absolutely brilliant sound design. I have writing all over my hands from trying to figure out which answers worked, took me a while to figure out that the answers that work are based solely on your stats. There were two spelling errors I picked up on that made the game feel a bit less polished (the word focused was spelled focussed, and there was a word with an extra letter)

Hi! "Focussed" is just the British English spelling of the word (I'm British) but what was the other spelling mistake? I'd really like to correct it. Thanks

Couldn't find it on a second playthrough, it's probably my mistake


pretty much loved everything except the text display speed (even with clicking) and the ending (har har unavoidable ending you can see coming to punish you for continuing to play the game).


I loved this game. Nice work. <3


This game is awesome! I love how it's (almost) completely text based but there's still the feel of a lot of action going on. The ending was like a blow to the face, it feels like it came right out of left field even though the realization slowly dawned upon me as I reached it in horror. I definitely think I won't be sleeping much for a few days since this is going to occupy my mind a LOT.


Wow, this was amazing! I love anything with a time loop, and the story and design of this are both fantastic. Thank you for making this, definitely one of my favourite things I've found in the bundle so far. This is going to stick around in my memory for a while!


Wondering if the fact that I saw that (general) ending coming should worry me. :-J

Nicely set up and done, always a good thing when I wish I could get more story in a world.


A very interesting game! Love the concept and wow, that ending. I do wish that the "no crt/blinking" option turned off ALL blinking/flashing/etc. I know it'd mess with the look of the game, but even as somone with minimal eye issues, it was a bit much.

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Well, that ending gave me trust issues, thanks lol

But seriously, amazing game. I second Atroniac and emdibrew completely, those 2 said it better than I ever could. It played upon multiple of my values and beliefs and just... fully recommend. 

This is gonna sit in my head for a good while. 

This game was fantastic and engaging! I had to take a break from it for a few days in the middle and I could not stop thinking about it. The mechanics are very elegant,.


Loved this game, Ironically the mc reminded me a lot of myself (Besides the whole convicted criminal bit) so that just immersed me in the story even more. I found myself reading the lines of dialogue in my own voice, even adding on emphasis as I would have said it. My only gripe is that the first section of the game can feel a bit slow but once you get the flow of conversation down it really works well. I definitely recommend playing this if you are on the fence about it. (I can't guarantee that your and my experiences will be exactly the same tho due to the reasons I stated at the start of this.) Great game 10/10


This game is really, really cool. It kind of reminds me of Undertale, in a way--much less lighthearted, of course, but with a big focus on what you (both the character and the player) can accomplish and subverting your expectations of how a game like this works. Tackles difficult topics without being preachy; makes you think without being full of itself. It's a 1-2 hour experience that'll stick with me for a bit for sure.


This was a great, short game to play. I'm not someone with a lot of light sensitivity, but I did find that booting up the game in a small resolution let me handle the flashing a lot better.
The story is really intriguing and at one point I did come to the comments here to check if that really was the end (if you didn't get credits, keep playing!).

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i've discovered this game through the racial justice and equality bundle, and have been trying to play this game little by little- my sensitivity to light makes it very difficult, unfortunately, since i'm autistic.  ;;  I have a terrible headache but it feels (mostly) worth it! I love the concept behind this game and the music and story so far!

...also, will there be any sort of an alternate display mode for people with epilepsy or sensitivity to flashing lights?? i feel terrible that i can't continue D': turning off the CRT flickering and scan lines definitely helped a bit, but not enough that i could continue :(

edit: i wanna clarify that i did read the epilepsy warnings, i just.... thought i'd be okay but it turns out i'm not ;w;

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Played it through to the end. Oooooh my goshhh. So good.

I absolutely love this game. I wasn't getting anywhere at one point, so I took a 5m break. Best decision ever.


At some point it feels like the game is over, and you can play it again. This is false, continue playing until you see a short credits thing.
Using save/load as a game mechanic is the single most innovative thing I've seen in gamedev so far. Seriously. Changing one of the most basic systems that's usually meta-game stuff, and making it have an effect on the story? holy crap

Someone did compare this to undertale, which makes the save and load feature of the game, the pinnacle of the plot. 

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